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business succession strategies

Clients work with our attorneys to design and implement business succession plans because we emphasize tax-efficient solutions. We show how our business planning strategies integrate with estate, retirement, charitable and other planning techniques. We may illustrate how any of the 9 business planning tools below can generate better after-tax cash flow for you and/or larger after-tax payments to key executives and successor owner/managers. The strategies shown below are just a small subset of the techniques that our team can customize for you.

1business income tax solutions

Every business must have a business continuity plan. Business owners are far more likely to have their advisers draft and fund buy-sell agreements and related documents if the solutions are funded with pre-tax dollars. Our law firm knows how to design and draft a broad array of tax-efficient vehicles to lower current income taxes while motivating key managers with tax-efficient accumulation of wealth. When we help owners and managers build more after-tax wealth, these stakeholders are most likely to help the business prosper.

2capital split dollar

A business owner can advance cash to pay premiums in an estate planning trust using a non-equity private split dollar arrangement.

3business succession agreement

Businesses can use a variety of methods for funding a buy-sell agreement with pre-tax dollars.

4captive insurance company

Using the 501(c)(15), 831(b), of 806 entity, a business can receive tax deductions for funding a vehicle that provides insurance for business.

5business vision and values retreat

During a business retreat, key decision-makers and/or stakeholders answer a series of questions to clarify the vision, mission, and values of the organization.

6employee stock ownership plan

This plan can provide a powerful combination of benefits to a business owner that wants to fund a succession plan very tax efficiently and/or align interests of team members.

7162 plan

This plan is one of several tax-efficient vehicles for funding golden handcuffs and related executive compensation programs.

8restricted property trust

Key owners of a corporation create a restricted property trust and fund it with 100% deductible contributions.

9stock options and non-qualified deferred compensation strategies

These strategies can provide excellent employee incentives when companies want to fund executive benefits plans tax efficiently.


As a result of our extensive experience and expertise, MVM Law is uniquely positioned to create and implement comprehensive strategies that coordinate the needs of the family and business with estate tax, income tax, and asset protection planning. We can implement even the most complex and sophisticated business succession strategies.